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Father/Daughter Project - Part 9

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Father/Daughter Project - Part 9

Friday, January 10, 2020   |   Chris Blandford


14. Finish Main Fillets

To finish my fillets, I follow the method described in these two links:

Steve Garro: Polishing Fillet Brazes
Dave Kirk: Fillet Show Bike

I start with round files, moving from larger to smaller. The largest file takes out all of my little bronze-dime edges; the medium and small smooth everything out. The smaller the file, the closer I get to the edge of the fillet, and the lighter I press. I avoid filing on the tube itself--I (try to) only file the fillet. I work in a short, almost side-to-side pushing motion as I file.

Next, I use a piece of vinyl hose (with a wooden dowel shoved into the center for rigidity) wrapped with 80-grit emery cloth to blend everything together. Here again, I avoid sanding on the tubes as much as I can.

To finish up, I go back over everything with my smallest round file, hitting any spots that need touching up. And finally, I use strips of 80-grit emery cloth for a final polish and to blend the edges into the tubes.

As I work through the steps, a periodic swipe with some red Scotchbrite flattens everything out and helps reveal areas that need working on. On the BB, I’ll sometimes use my Dremel equipped with a little sanding drum (the same one that I used on my dropouts, earlier) to work on the nooks where filing is almost impossible.

And that’s that. I know some people dislike filing fillets. I love it. Blast the newest album and have at it. My favorite evening of any build, by far.