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Father/Daughter Project - Part 20

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Father/Daughter Project - Part 20

Friday, April 3, 2020   |   Chris Blandford

Here are the highlights from the adult-sized build:

This one came together pretty quick, while Mathilda's bike was out for paint. I used the same dropouts/track ends as on the little bike. I also tried to finish them in a similar fashion--rounded over tabs, etc. I ended up indenting the chain stays on this one, though. This bike is going to run 700c x 38mm tires--needed a bit of clearance with the straight, oval chain stays. I'd never indented chain stays before, but it went fine. Made a quick die from a wooden tubing block I had lying around. I also raked the ends of the chain stays, so that the slot in the track end would end up horizontal without having to angle anything. I'm not sure if most track ends are pitched on purpose or what (as my quick Google search seemed to indicate), but this is what made sense to me.

I again rolled the twin tubes on my new roller. I ended up rolling these in steps... First across their entire length, and then tighter in only the rear (seat stay) half. So, the bends of those tubes--essentially--have a gradually decreasing radius. You wouldn't notice unless you really studied them, but I think the lines turned out nice. In this case, I didn't have to split them in half, either. They were able to run in a straight line from head tube to dropout.

I ended up doing something different for the seat tube brace/bridge bit. It lays on top of the twin tubes, instead of nestling down in between them. I like the way this version turned out. That fillet around the seat tube is nice and even, whereas on Mathilda's bike it waves up and over the twin tubes and back down into the brace portion. (The asymmetrical curve there does, however, match Mathilda's bike. Just in the opposite direction. Together, they form a sorta semicircle.) The binders, head tube rings, fork, and stem more-or-less match those on the little bike.

About halfway through building this frame, I decided not to have it painted. I thought it'd be more fun to experiment with a few things. Namely, I left the bike lacking bridges--I'm curious as to how noodle-y it'll ride, especially given the skinny twin tubes. I may ride it a bit, add bridges, ride it some more, etc. Leave it raw. Use it as learning tool. Having a pair of pink-giraffe bikes would have been fun, but at least this decision will leave Mathilda's bike unique.

That's it! I've just about got both bikes built up. I'll share the end result of these efforts soon.