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Father/Daughter Project - Conclusion

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Father/Daughter Project - Conclusion

Friday, April 24, 2020   |   Chris Blandford

Took photos of both bikes on Monday:

And that's that! Mathilda needs another inch or two before she'll be able to flat foot her bike and give pedaling a go. It's just... a bit... too... tippy-toes at the moment. Give her a few days.

I've been riding my new bike around the neighborhood and for exercise/sanity quite a bit. It's pretty fun! Noodle-y for sure, but actually rides really nice. I think I'll keep it together as is until I grow tired of it, and then use the parts as a starting point on something new. Who knows.

It's been fun. Only one more photo to post... Whenever Mathilda and I get out for a ride together, I'll be sure to have my wife grab a snap, and we'll conclude this thread appropriately.

Photos of Mathilda's bike.

Photos of the adult bike.

Thanks for following along!